Getting the most out of your mobility

As employees increasingly work from remote offices, customer sites and unconventional work environments such as airplanes and public transportation, mobile applications can no longer rely exclusively on network connectivity.

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Traminer is...

a software development platform for creating offline-first big data solutions. Traminer helps businesses cope with unknown circumstances by eliminating the need of uninterrupted network connectivity. Combined with big data capabilities literally at your fingertips, Traminer improves productivity and decision-making of on-the-go employees.

Offline first

Zero latency and increased performance of mobile employees.

Big data

Handles up to 1M real-time records on your devices.

Easy sync

Always-responsive with background sync and no downtime.

Problems solved

Works for any business model requiring employee mobility, collaboration and manipulation with big data. Offline is a fact of life, online is a bonus. If you're mobile, you'll be offline at some point. It's okay, though, we've got it covered.


Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

"I mostly use my device while traveling - when connection is weak".
With Traminer OFFLINE capabilities data is stored locally first and synced in the background automatically when possible.


Security Standards and Audit Inspector

"I want to be sure that the data I need is actually there - when I need it".
DATA MERGE and CONFLICT RESOLUTION features make sure that data is always complete, relevant and up to date.


Logistics and Cargo Flow Manager

"For me the solution must be always-available and always-responsive".
OFFLINE guarantees no downtime of the application, with BACKGROUND SYNC minimizing delays.

Performance facts

Small DB - 10K records Small database (10K records)
Medium DB - 100K records Medium database (100K records)
Large DB - 1M records Large database (1M records)
Device initialization - WiFi Device start (initial data load) - WiFi
5 sec
30 sec
2 min
- 3G
10 sec
1 min
Peak memory consumption
60 MB
100 MB
200 MB
Save / Refresh data Save / Refresh list of data
1 sec
5 sec
Send / Receive sync data
transparent in background mode
Local storage
1 MB
7 MB
50 MB
Device start (local data) Device start (load local data)
2 sec
5 sec
10 sec
Save data (local storage) Save data to local storage
transparent in background mode

What's next

Traminer is composed of libraries, patterns and technical expertise enabling rapid build of tailored platforms. Traminer delivers the flexibility to make it your own.


Share your story to help us fully understand your business processes and requirements. Get a working demo of the system.


Apply business rules to the platform. Get your screens crafted. Model the database and sync flows. System ready to be rolled out.


Run beta tests. Deploy the system to live servers. Start employee training. Get ready to drive productivity across your organization.

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